I like old clothes

As a hippie-wannabe, I consider it to be one of my greatest responsibilities to raise Olive so she grows up worshiping baking soda and vinegar just as much as I do.

If all goes according to plan, we will end up bonding over essential oils and body scrub recipes. I will pass down all of my wisdom to her, everything from pimple cures (unpasteurized honey, honey!) to how to remove gross rings from the toilets in her first rental apartment (grab yourself a pumice stone and get scrubbing.)

Clearly, I’m not messing around with this business. I start the brainwashing early.

This is why I so loved this book that made its way into our library bag last week:

I like old clothes - SweetMadeleine,ca

I believe that shopping secondhand is one of the most fantastic things you can do for the environment. It saves useful things from the landfill, does a pretty good job of ensuring you end up with something well-made (if it survived its previous owner in a condition you’re willing to pay for, that’s a pretty great sign) and it saves you an incredible amount of money, which helps you reduce in other areas of your life, too (like work, for example.)

I like old clothes - SweetMadeleine.ca

Despite all of this, shopping secondhand isn’t as… sexy as it could be.

And despite how much I love it and the fact that it will probably seem totally normal to Olive, there will still come a moment where she wants things shiny and new, things with the tags still on, things like her friends have.

That’s where this book comes in.


I like old clothes - SweetMadeleine,.ca I like old clothes - SweetMadeleine,.ca


Would you just LOOK at that fabulous little lady? The illustrations in this book are so sublime, and the text describes exactly what I feel when I buy something with a little life left in it. A sense of being connected to something other than a sweatshop and a store with canned music and gum-chewing salespeople. Racks and piles of clothing all the same.

This is not to say I never buy new, but if given the option…

…Clothes with a history. Clothes with a mystery!

IMG_5918I feel like a book like this- so simply written and well executed, with such glorious colourful expressive illustrations – could convince anyone to love the feeling of flipping through a thrift-store clothing rack, just waiting for the stories to jump out.

I like old clothes - SweetMadeleine.caI like old clothes - SweetMadeleine.ca

I’m so glad we found it, and I knew I just had to share a few pages of this glorious book with you (so that you could start the brainwashing early too, of course)


Here’s to the old clothes, the cozy-warm clothes, the broken-in clothes, and the where’ve-you-been clothes!